I Used to Believe That Love is Blind But Now …

Love is not blind

I never knew how, I never knew why, but love struck me straight right to my eyes. Yet, I was never blind.  A year ago, I fell in love with a boy who was denied of love out of his physical flaws. In return, he gave me a kind of love that is ready to sacrifice his all. Thereby, made me wonder…

Though this slam book-type of question has been answered by so many people around the world in so many attempts and in different contexts, I would always ask myself all over again– What is love?

Is love a feeling or an act? Is it the giddy feeling of being with someone despite the interfering odds? Is it about choosing to stay and holding on even if you barely can? Or, is it about offering oneself to someone in spite of the uncertainties to be loved back?

Is it really true that love is blind?

The word ‘blind’ is an adjective which is used to describe a person whose sense of sight is lost. When someone is blind, it means that he or she only sees pure darkness. No other colors exist, except black. No rays of sunlight, just plain emptiness. Sounds weird, though, but how could you say that you can’t see anything when in fact you see darkness? And, how could you actually associate emptiness with one of the most fulfilling things on earth which is love? I guess those are the thoughts that I would like to ponder on.

The saying, ‘Love is blind,’ is commonly associated with lovers who fell in love with each other, despite a limitation on one’s physical appearance. It is also entitled to two blind people who miraculously found each other through fate. Regardless of the person’s number of hair, complexity of skin, weight, crooked teeth, disability, or size of nose, with love, you learn not to be blindfolded of these prominent imperfections, but be able to accept them all.

You embrace their flaws and give them the love that they deserve. You do not just look superficially, but you see them beyond what the naked eye could perceive. Love is the juxtaposition of the imperfect parts into a beautiful yet still imperfect whole. You don’t become blind when you fall in love. Rather, in the midst of a world where significance is measured according to physical appearances, you tend to find a type of beauty which is rarely appreciated by many. It takes a courageous heart to continuously pursue what you love even people disapprove.

Remember to love them when they love themselves, and to love them even more even if they don’t. Always accept them when the world accepts them, and continue to accept them even more, even if the world doesn’t.

Love is not blind; it accepts. 


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