On a Scale of 1-10, How Deep Is Your Love?


‘I love you’

‘I love you more’

It is quite puzzling how some people claim that their love is deeper than those who love them too,  when in fact, both of them just feel the same thing. Bit tricky, though, but is love really measurable? If yes, then how?

Scoring the depth of someone’s capability to love may sound questionable. How would you say that a love is ten and not nine? What’s that one point difference that makes the other’s love deeper or better than the other?

There are no special equations, universal magical checklists, or exclusive signs that would explicitly categorize the depth of someone’s love (I won’t be writing this post anyway if there is). Love is viewed as a single entity with varying profundity. A lot of factors are considered in order to tell whether the love is a 10 or a 5 or deeper or less.

But what if love could be measured?

1– Rank it the least when you love them based on the number of their possessions. You love them by their car, their jewelry, and the money in their banks. The higher the price, the deeper the love.

2– Rank it a little higher than one but less than three when you don’t care of their possessions, but you love them and the same time  you also love someone else. Your heart is halved which confused you of  which side to drop.

3– Rank it three when you love them but you hurt them too. You stab them with sharp words and slap them with threats yet you confused their hearts with an endearing ‘I love you.’

4-Rank it four when you love them yet you give them lies. You make them believe in fantasies that masked the bitter truths.

5– Rank it half when your love is in doubt. It’s like your heart says yes but your mind says no. It is the kind that is flamed with ‘but’s and ‘if’s. You say you love them if… You say you love them but …

6– Rank it a little more than half when you know that your happiness is more important than theirs. That it’s okay to be okay even they are not.

7– Rank it seven when your happiness is based on theirs, but you cannot put away the fact that you love your career more than you love them so. That you would prefer spending a Monday night working in the office than being within the arms of your loved one.

8– Rank them a little deeper than seven when they choose their families and friends over you. Though it’s quite difficult to choose from two people who mean the world to you, in the end, you will still leave your lover and choose to remain on the side of your parents, your brethren, and your friends.

9– Rank it nine when you love them more than 8 to one, but you love them not as perfect as the kind of love that would unhesitantly give an entire whole.


10– Rank it ten when your love is the kind that is more than willing to sacrifice a life for the sake of another. You love them unconditionally more than you love yourself. There are no ‘if’s and ‘but’s, and no selfish acts. Just a pure genuine heart that is willing to be offered no matter what.

These may not be an accurate scoring of the profundity of love, but it portrays various kinds of people protesting and showing their ‘love’ in a way that they know and in a way that they feel. Is giving a love with a score of ten enough not to feel broken? Is giving a love of ten guarantees you to become someone who is worthy to be stayed with?

 Ask yourself, ‘From 1-10, How deep is my love?


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