Loving and Leaving at ‘Ber’


I remember it was a typical September
In an ocean of faces, I could barely decipher
You laid your eyes on mine
I laid mine to yours
But my heart was too wounded and timid to let you enter

I remember it was October
Happy and lucky you said you were
You held my hands
I didn’t hold yours
But I secretly prayed that this would be better

I remember it was November
Dark, unknown, and full of fear
You allowed me to enter your world
I was scared to let you step in
But possibilities and ‘what if’s are already in my dreams

I remember it was December
Eight O’fifteen to be exact
You told me you love me
I confessed just as the same
And that’s the time when I opened my heart again

January to April, May to August
Time flew unknowingly sharp and fast
We love like we never got hurt
Our love was like our firsts
And I became lost in a way where I was also found

I remember it was a year of another September
You promised to love me like the light of the moon
That even in the darkest days
You will always love me in return
I never imagined that light and dark will be this beautiful

October came and the world’s getting dim
Funny how coins could quickly flip
Mouths became knives; Ears were closed
Worlds gradually diverged
I started to feel that you are a mistake reoccurred

November approached and the moon started to hide
This also equates to another bitter goodbye
Your love is like the moonlight;
It slowly fades as a new sunshine arise
I started to believe light can’t fully outcast the dark

I remember that December
Things were totally different a year ago
I was again left alone
Your farewell made me realize
Why the moon does not own even a speckle of light


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