One of the Firsts: Hearing Selena Live and the Things I Learned to Have An Extraordinary Concert Experience

“Mahal kita. I guarantee you, we will be back.” – Selena Gomez to fans


Photos of Selena are credited to Selena’s Fan Page in Facebook

It has been a week ago, but those words are still echoing inside my head. I wish I could travel forward to the time when I could see her once again here in the Philippines.

I. just. can’t. honestly. get. over. her.

July 31, 2016, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, was the time when I got to see one of my favorite stars, Selena Gomez, performs live on stage. The heavy rain and my soaked shoes didn’t matter to me anymore. All I knew was that I was part of a huge screaming crowd who were ecstatic to see Selena singing and dancing her all-time top rank-worthy album songs.

At exactly 9PM, Selena, the band, and the crew went to the stage. Everything was all set- the stage, screen, lights, sounds, and the audience including me! My heart never pounded that way before for a performer. I swear that it felt like my body released tons of adrenaline hormones rushing all throughout my body. I was like a hundred meters away from her but I already felt that way! What more if I actually had a chance to meet her in person?? I might forget to breathe!

Because of money constraints (this sucks!) and the unavailability of front seats at the lower box sections, I was only able to purchase the ones in the upper box. But at least, I got to choose the front seats (Yehey!). Here is a view from where I seated


Sorry for my phone’s low-quality camera. Please bear with me.


Even though my seat was quite far away from her (like I was closer to the universe than to the stage), I still loved the feeling of euphoria radiating in the entire arena. She was great,  the crowd was so elated, and the technical set-ups were excellent! God, it was perfectly awesome!


Selena is a drop-dead gorgeous chick and I have 0% doubts about it. How could one person look so perfect? Ugh.

Though I don’t memorize all of her songs, at least I was able to sing-a-long in most of them like Same Old Love, Who Says, Love You Like a Love Song, Hands to Myself, Come and Get It, Good for You, I Want You to Know, The Heart Wants What It Wants, etc. Well, I admit that some of those that she sang were new to me. Honestly, I totally regretted why I didn’t familiarize myself on all of her songs before the concert. But don’t get me wrong, I had one of the best nights ever!

So, for you not to end up regretting anything and to make the most out of the night, here are the five  things you should do:

  1. Before the concert, make sure to memorize all the songs of the album so you could really feel and enjoy every moment. I guarantee that it would be one of the best moments in your life. During a concert, you are free to shout and sing the lyrics or anything that you would like to say. No one will restrict you from singing on top of your lungs so why deny yourself of the fun?!!
  2. When they jump, you jump! I didn’t bother what others might think of me during the concert. When I wanted to jump, I jumped. When I wanted to dance, I danced. Who cares? If you want to party like on a rave, then so be it. No one has the right to stop you in that moment.
  3. Arrive early. Be at least an hour before the concert so you could watch the performance of the front act. As for Selena’s, Darren Espanto was the lucky one. Boy, with that voice at an age of 15, he really is good.
  4. Eat dinner first. Trust me, you’ll be hungry waiting. The food stalls were limited in the arena and all of them offer the same foods. They just sell snacks like popcorn, hotdogs, and burgers that are not enough for you to remain pumped up on the next few vicarious hours of your life.
  5. Lastly, spend it with a friend. Two is better than one. Admit it, you also judge people who are loners. Imagine that you were the only one jumping in your seat section? Uhm, that’s quite pathetic so better have someone to accompany you. First moments like this are best shared with your loved ones.


This is not my last concert and I was so blessed that Selena’s was my first. Right now, I’m already excited for the upcoming ones! Mahal ka rin namin, Selena! Please come back! 🙂


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