Dry and White: First Trek at Mount Pinatubo

And right up there, I knew my heart was at home.

I have never engaged in any extreme outdoor activities, but just the thought of being involved with such gives an indescribable feeling of intensive crave and excitement. It always felt like I am meant to be a part of that world… that I am born to experience these things without fear and hesitation. And I would allow nothing to stop me from having the best moments of my life lived beyond the zones of my comfort.

This is me, the girl who would give anything in this entire universe to be united with the one and only Earth.

And my adventure begins here at Mount Pinatubo in Botolan, Zambales…

There’s something about trekking mountains that affects me more than coffee could do. By just imagining the rocky trail, the long hours of walking under the heat of the sun, and the tall grasslands I will pass by make my blood rush in my veins and keep my heart pumping out of total exhilaration! I am amazed how my body yearns for this kind of challenge though. It seems like I have these unlimitedĀ  sources of energy to keep me going until I reach the top!


Some people would never understand the intrinsic drive why I want to pursue the peak so badly. They say that I would just get to view the mountains on a different perspective. But for me, it is not just a view. It is THE kind of view that not all people could see! Like not everyone has the chance to climb mountains, witness a majestic scene, and experience the magic how it felt like to be up there!

I could go on for hours describing how beautiful the entire scenery was.


But more than the view and the trail itself, I get to experience also for the first time riding a gigantic 4×4 ride. It takes more than an hour to reach the starting point of the trail from the base camp. Make sure to secure a mask for protection as you might inhale some volcanic ashes while on the trip.


Recommended for those who are at the beginning of their hiking path, Mount Pinatubo is actually an active volcano which had a recent eruption in June 1991. But you don’t have to worry if you are interested to trek there too, for the place is a popular tourist destination and is completely safe as the volcano’s activity is closely monitored and predicted. What’s more unique about Pinatubo is that, due to its recent volcanic activity, you will certainly encounter volcanic remains along the way which you might never experience with other mountains here in the Philippines. Expect that the path is rocky, white, and dry.


All of your hard work will payoff once you get to see the spectacular lake at its crater. But safety-wise, you are not advised to swim there even it is too alluring not to and given that you badly want a shower to take off sweat and dirt.


I may have had bruises on my feet and a 9/10 body sore after a seven-kilometer walk and almost six hours of hike, but I could still say that I would love to go back there again and again to witness the stunning view on top.









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