How to Unlove?

When I was little, I thought love knows no bounds. I used to believe that when you love someone, you love them as a whole; you love them even if they are sad; you love them while they sleep; you love them tomorrow; you love them always; you love them forever.

I thought love was an absolute thing; I thought it stays.

But, I thought wrong.

A Letter to The One I Love But I Chose to Hurt

Dear Love,

I love you but I don’t know if it’s true, if it’s enough, or if it’s safe anymore. Right now, I’m doubting myself as much as my heart’s capability to return the love you give. I’m asking my confused self why of all people on earth, you are the one whom I chose to hurt.

I swear to God that on that moment, I never felt so rude, naive, and insensitive in my entire life.

On a Scale of 1-10, How Deep Is Your Love?

‘I love you’

‘I love you more’

It is quite puzzling how some people claim that their love is deeper than those who love them too, when in fact, both of them just feel the same thing. Bit tricky, though, but is love really measurable? If yes, then how?

Scoring the depth of someone’s capability to love may sound questionable. How would you say that a love is ten and not nine? What’s that one point difference that makes the other’s love deeper or better than the other?

Seven Fears You Got from Loving the Wrong People

Is your love bigger than any of the fears you got from the few?

Love is unpredictable, spontaneously crazy, wonderful… yet sometimes, inevitably painful. Imagine that the world is made up of more than 7 billion lost souls hopelessly searching for their other counterparts.

There are millions of scattered broken pieces; thousands were still wandering and hundreds were unhappily faking smiles.

Yet the possibilities of uncertainties threaten them and make them vulnerable to feel pain, they still uphold faith and perseverance to find for that ‘only one.’ Out of these mortals living around the world, it cannot be denied that you have somehow, in the most unexpected circumstances, met a few.